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Tech Tip of the Week 2/22/2010

Malone Faculty and Staff:

This week’s Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) of the week can be found here: What are the guidelines for sending mass emails out to Malone “faculty,” “staff” and “community” lists?

Three different distribution lists have been formed in order to send mass emails to Faculty and/or Staff and the Malone community as a whole.  Specific guidelines have been put in place to ensure the correct use of the distribution lists.  Read more…..

All Help Desk FAQs can be viewed here

TechTip #1

Recently we sent out an announcement that a new Remote Access service has been put into place for Faculty, Staff, and Students which allows you to connect to your network drives from just about anywhere that you have an Internet connection.

One of the major differences between the old service and the new service, aside from the new service being compatible with many more computer operating systems, is that in the new service you must download a copy of the file to your computer, make the changes to that copy, and then upload/push the file back to your network drive.

We have created a detailed procedure at FAQ140, listing step by step, how to pull your document, edit it, and then push it back to your Malone network drive.

To see the business hours and best ways to contact each Help Desk, please choose to read more.

All Help Desk FAQs can be viewed here.

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