Tech Tip of the Week 2/22/2010

Malone Faculty and Staff:

This week’s Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) of the week can be found here: What are the guidelines for sending mass emails out to Malone “faculty,” “staff” and “community” lists?

Three different distribution lists have been formed in order to send mass emails to Faculty and/or Staff and the Malone community as a whole.  Specific guidelines have been put in place to ensure the correct use of the distribution lists.  Read more…..

All Help Desk FAQs can be viewed here

Christmas VM Greeting

As Christmas break approaches, we would like to take some time to explain the options that are available for you to use as phone greetings.

All dates that are determined by the University as holidays, will automatically be set by the IT Department for all phones to play your “closed” greeting that is used after normal business hours throughout the year.

If you would like to record a greeting that is tailored to the holiday season, then we recommend you record it as the “alternate greeting.” Once you have recorded your desired message you may preset the dates that you prefer the message to be played and turned off. On this preset date, the system will then default back to your everyday standard greeting.

If desired, follow instructions below to setup your alternate greeting:

1. Press the “messages” button and follow instructions to enter your password

2. Press “4” for “setup options”

3. Press “1” for greetings options

4. Press “2” to turn on alternate greeting and make sure to set an end date and time (if an end date and time is not set then it will play indefinitely unless you manually change it)

5. Listen to the greeting and press “1” to record/re-record your alternate greeting

Note: While in the greetings menu, pressing 0 (zero) will give a brief explanation of the different greetings. Listen carefully to the instructions to record and activate each of the greetings. Once you have recorded your greeting, you can toggle it on and off by pressing 3.

We also encourage that once you record your greeting to call your own extension to verify that it is functioning as you would like.

Don’t forget that you can set your voice mail greetings and/or check your voice mail from home by dialing 330.588.7070.

If you have questions about using these features, please contact the Help Desk via email or by phone at 330.471.8428.

Merry Christmas

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