SnapChat and Malone’s network

We saw a little chatter yesterday on twitter about Malone blocking SnapChat through our wifi. Please know that we did not! We received calls at the Help Desk yesterday around 10am and the issue was immediately reported to our Network personnel. Initial indications were that it was a problem with our web filter (we do filter the web, see FAQ112 for more information on what we do filter and why). Our senior network administrator had been on the phone with our filter vendor for several hours when, at around 4pm, snapchat began working again. No changes had been made to our filter before, during, or after the outage.

A quick Google search on “snapchat outage” brought us to this page:

that indicates a number of snapchat users were having trouble connecting to the service yesterday.

If you experience any trouble using our network, please contact us so that we can help you! We work to make sure that you have a highly available wired and wireless network. SO… #pleasecontactusbeforeyoubreakoutthetorches ! We can be reached via email at , via the web at or by phone at 330.471.8428. We are here to serve you, our customers!

Friday Tech Tip ‘Scheduling Assistant’ and ‘Available Meeting Times’

Hello Malone Faculty/Staff,


The tech tip this week has to do with using the ‘Scheduling Assistant’ feature when making a meeting in Outlook; as well as, using the ‘Available Meeting Times’ function in the Calendar application on a Mac. This is a great feature that allows you to see when any of your peers may already be in a meeting when trying to schedule a group event. This feature works best when the invitees are using Outlook/Exchange to manage their schedule.


FAQ 310 Scheduling Assistant for Microsoft Outlook


FAQ 311 Available Meeting Times in Mac Calendar application


Free Office 365 for Students, Faculty, and Staff coming soon!

Hello Students, Faculty, and Staff of Malone University:

We are pleased to announce that starting sometime in January, all current students and employees of Malone University will be able to download and install Microsoft Office 365 for free! This suite of applications will include:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • and more!

You will continue to be able to utilize the suite of applications as long as you are enrolled at or employed by Malone.

Note to Christmas Computer shoppers!: Make sure that you do NOT purchase Office when you buy the hardware!

Expect to hear more details about how to download and install in January.

A follow up to today’s Community Worship

Hello Folks:

I hope you were as inspired as I was at today’s, Wednesday 30 October 2013, community worship where Derek Melleby talked about integrating Christ into our ‘academic disciplines.’ If you missed it, you can view a recording of the gathering online below. Derek begins his part of the program around minute 14:

Derek mentioned quite a few Christians who are notably allowing their faith to shine, not in front of but through their professions. Here are a couple TED talks of those Christians that Derek Mentioned.




Tech Tip Cyber Security

The Tech Tip this week highlights best practices to protect yourself from being a victim of a Cyber-attack. This Tech Tip is something you can implement to both your Malone account and personal accounts. Today we will see around 250,000 new computer viruses and 30,000 new infected websites every day (see TED video below). The threat of cyber-attack is a real one and below are some steps you can take to protect yourself.

Best Practices to be protected from Cyber-attack:

  • Make secure passwords (minimum of 15 characters) consisting of letters, numbers, and symbols. Use a phrase or song lyric that is easy to remember. Long is better than complicated.
  • Make passwords different for each service you access, e.g., do not make your banking password the same as your Facebook log in or your Email log in.
  • Do not click on links in emails from people you do not know or from messages that you are not expecting from people that you know.
    • Be suspicious of any email addresses asking for personal information, e.g., the date of your birth.
      • Never ever give your password to anyone, the Malone University Help Desk will never ask you for your password. If you give out your password change it IMMEDIATLEY.
      • Any messages your Malone account receives that could be SPAM should be forwarded to the Help Desk (
    • If you put your mouse over a link in an email before you click it, you can see the web address. Make sure it does not look/sound/smell phishy.
  • Be careful which websites you visit.
    • Malone’s Web Filter blocks websites that are known sources of Malware. Please take caution if you bypass the filter when you think the website is safe.
    • Avoid clicking on any pop ups from websites

There is a large amount of information which you can use to protect yourself; a couple of places you could start are…

Tech Tip Library Barcode

You are able to find your library barcode on your student id, but some students do not have an ID card. The barcode is useful when accessing library resources, online databases, book reservations, etc. while off campus.

1) Go to and log into the Online Learning page

2) In the left corner of the screen you should see “Academics” and “Services”, please click “Services”.

3) On the left side of your browser window you will see a box that says “Online Services”, please click on “Library Services”

4) Your internet browser should go to the “Library Services” page and in the middle of the screen in red lettering you should see your library barcode.

Tech Tip: Guidelines for Sending Mass Emails

Hello All,

The Tech Tip for this week has to do with Guidelines for Mass emails and when an email should be sent to each distribution list. In short…


All community announcements are sent using this distribution list. Anyone who is a member of this list is able to post to it. Initially, all current members of the faculty and staff lists are assigned to this list. However, the choice is available to “opt out” if you so choose, by contacting the Help Desk and requesting to be removed from the community list.


Examples of “Community” list content:

  • Announcements (birth, marriage, etc.)
  • For Sale (tickets, pets, office supplies, etc.)
  • Giveaways (tickets, pets, office supplies, etc.)
  • Press Releases
  • Malone Sports Updates
  • Fine Arts Announcements (recitals, art displays, etc)


Faculty and Staff:

All current faculty (including adjuncts) are set up on the “faculty” list and all staff are set up on the “staff” list. This will help to ensure that all members of the lists are receiving the information necessary for their job responsibilities.


Examples of “Faculty” list content:

  • eBulletins
  • Senate and Committee Meeting Minutes.
  • Prayer Requests-Please be brief, remember to include the addresses for cards etc.
  • Campus Absences
  • Information updates from departments such as the Physical Plant, Registrar, Human Resources and Information Technologies


Examples of “Staff” list content:

  • Staff Fellowship Announcements and Newsletters
  • eBulletins
  • Prayer Requests- Please be brief, remember to include the addresses for cards etc.
  • Information updates from departments such as the Physical Plant, Registrar, Human Resources and Information Technologies


Sending emails to all students
Email messages can be sent to all students or to a particular sub-group of students such as all commuters.  In order to send the email it must first be approved by Student Development.  The procedure for submitting a message to be sent is as follows:

  1. Choose the appropriate group or sub group of Malone students using the guidelines listed in the following policy document (Please note this is only accessible by accounts). A PDF with Guidelines for sending Mass Emails to Student Groups attached to this blog post (SendingMassEmailstoStudentGroups), the document can be found on Malone Express under the Information Technology tab.
  2. Address your message and send it. The message can then be released to students by one of the moderators for the list to which you sent the message. Be sure to compose the message EXACTLY as you intend it to be seen by the students. Keep file attachments to a minimum, preferably less than .5MB (500kB).


For a full explanation of the guidelines please check out FAQ 87. For a tutorial in Best Practices for Sending Mass emails please check out FAQ 86. If you have any questions please contact the Help Desk via email ( or phone (330.471.8428).


Tech Tip: Information Technologies Hours of Coverage

The Information Technologies Help Desk in Haviland Hall is open…

  • In person, via telephone, and on the web from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday except during community worship, Wednesdays 10 am-11 am.
  • To better service our students and faculty taking part in evening classes, we have extended telephone hours from 5-6pm Monday through Thursday.
  • 24/7 “emergency” service is available via telephone. Listen to the prompts that will connect you to one of our cellular phones if there is an afterhours technology emergency. If the call goes to voice mail be sure to leave a message that includes your name, contact number, and nature of the emergency and we will return your call as soon as we can.

During community worship…

  • Calls to 330.471.8428 will ring directly to voice mail
  • Emails to will be answered in the order they are received when the desks reopen.
  • You can check the status of any open, closed, or pending tickets online at using your Malone username and password to sign in; even during community worship.


The Media Services Desk in Cattell Library is open for equipment check out from…

  • 8am-10am Monday through Friday.
  • If you cannot make it to the window when it is open, you can make a reservation for equipment or services via email with 24hours of notice. Send equipment requests to All gear will be assembled and ready for pick up from the library circulation desk. You must have a Malone ID or Driver’s license to prove identity when picking up equipment.
  • Equipment drop off can also be done at the library circulation desk

A PDF with hours of coverage has been attached to this email for your convenience:

ITN and MSV coverage hours infographic.graffle

Picture Directories of the Courses you are teaching

Hello Faculty:

Tired of taking pictures of your class on the first day or painstakingly copying and pasting Phiz pictures into a spreadsheet so that you can learn the names of your new students?  Use a feature of the Phiz (added fall of last year) that allows you to automatically generate a picture directory of the students enrolled in your course!

You can view an automatically generated picture and other information course list from the “My Groups” function of the Phiz. See FAQ241 for a step by step procedure.

Phone-based Person Search

Hello Faculty and Staff of Malone University:

This Friday’s tech tip is something anyone using our campus (Cisco) phones should have on their utility belt. Today I am going to explain how to do a phone-based person search using the Corporate Directory.


Step 1: Push the “Directories” button on your phone

Step 1

Step 2: . Once in the Directories menu, press five (sometimes it is option six) on the keypad, or the blue arrow keys can be used to scroll down the list until you reach “Corporate Directory” and hit the “Select”.

Step 2

Step 3: Search for the person you would like to call. Using any combination of name and number a search can be preformed in our system.  Lets say we wanted to find Becky Albertson. We would enter “B” in the first name field and  ”A” in the last name field. We could also enter someone’s number into the “Number” field and do a reverse search.

(e.g. B A, for Becky Albertson)

Step 3

Step 4:  your search may return more than one person. Select the person you are trying to contact using the  blue arrow keys, and select the “Dial” option, or remove the phone from the hook to call them.

Step 4

Congratulations you have just completed your first call via searching the Corporate Directory. On a side note only those members that have a phone with a personal extension can be reached. Those without a personal phone extension (like some of our adjunct staff) cannot be searched for in the directory.

The “Directories” function can be used to determine any “Missed”, “Received”, or “Placed” calls. The “Personal Directory” is not configured on our system.

If you have any questions about this or other technology issues, give us a call at Help Desk 330.471.8428, e-mail us at, or find us on the web at

We’re on Twitter!