Set up your Question and Answer Pairs on or before Tuesday, February 7

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Beginning after hours on Tuesday February 7, all faculty, staff, and students must have four question and answer pairs set up in the Malone password management system. If you have not already done so, you will need to set up your four question and answer pairs in our password management system before you will be able to sign in to any online services including:

  • Malone Xpress
  • Online Learning
  • others…

Many of you have already done this back in the fall. This change will not impact you if your question and answers are already set up.

Proceed to to check or set up your question and answer pairs.

We encourage anyone who is not sure that they have already set up their question and answer pairs to go to the web site above and do this prior to the cut off date. This is especially important for those of you who teach in the classroom and online. Make sure you aren’t caught having to set these up at the beginning of a class you are teaching.

How do I know this isn’t a phishing email and you aren’t just trying to get my password?

It is a good question to ask before clicking a link sent to you in email. There are several ways to check whether a link in an email is legitimate. In this case, you can 1) float your mouse over the link and make sure that the address that appears matches the address listed. Pay special attention to the part of the link immediately preceding the .com or .edu part of the address, for example: is good but is not good. You could also copy and paste the address into your web browser or manually type it in, making sure that you are visiting the place you want to visit.

Wireless Changes Made Over Break

Hello Faculty, Staff, and Students:

Thank you to the 130 of you who took the wireless survey. You have made your voice heard. You can view the results of the survey in a previous blog entry here. Our networking team made several changes to our wireless as a result of your input. These changes are summarized here:

Administrative and Academic Buildings

The users who responded to the wireless survey helped identify four areas on campus where the WiFI coverage was inconsistent. Those areas were:

  1. Founder Hall North
  2. Mitchell Hall First Floor
  3. Regula Hall First Floor
  4. Cattell Library Lower Level

We installed additional WiFi equipment in those areas and re-tuned the existing equipment so WiFI coverage was more consistent.

Residence Halls

Radio interference from non-WiFi devices in the Residence Halls continues to be an issue (poorly shielded microwave ovens, cordless phones operating in the 2.4GHz and 5.1GHz spectrum, e.g., non DECT 6.0 compliant telephones, etc.). The Woolman-Whittier-Fox building cluster (WWF) reported the largest number of issues. We continue to identify those non-WiFi devices and have them removed. This will be on-going process as devices come and go on campus.


Several survey respondents requested that they be contacted directly with specific issues that they have experienced. We have responded back to those clients and have resolved many or all of their concerns

Questions about Wireless on Campus?

Please visit our Wifi FAQ188.

Or… you can contact the IT Help Desk. We can be reached via email at helpdesk AT malone DOT edu , via the web at or by phone at 330.471.8428.



Wireless Survey Preliminary Results

Hello Students, Faculty, and Staff:

We have preliminary results of the wireless survey and are sharing them with you now! You have until this Thursday to add your voice. Sign into Xpress to complete the survey and help make wireless as best as it can be on campus!

We have followed up directly with several students and staff members who asked us to contact them and have already resolved a couple problems as a result! Thank you to those who have already responded!

Wireless Survey for Students, Faculty, and Staff available

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff:

From now through December 15, we are asking Malone students, faculty, and staff to complete a survey about the campus wireless infrastructure.
To participate, sign in to Malone Xpress and check the announcements in your student, faculty, or staff tab!

Transition Information for Graduating Seniors Fall 2011

Dear Seniors, especially those of you who are graduating this fall:

As several of you convert from “Active Student” to Alumni status, we would like to inform you of a few things you should keep in mind. Use the table of contents below to access the items relevant to you.

Let us be some of the first people to welcome you to the Malone alumni family, a group that numbers over 18,000 that lives and ministers in locations all over the world. Always remember you are now and forever Pioneers!

Blessings to you as you go out and serve the Church, Community, and World.

Deb Robinson, Director of Alumni & Parent Relations, University Office of Advancement
Adam Klemann, Technology Services Coordinator
, Information Technologies
Kris Owens, Reference/Systems Librarian, Malone University

In this Message:


Transitioning to Alumni Status

Welcome, Class of 2011!

The Malone Alumni Association is a non-dues paying group. All graduates of Malone and those who have attended for at least one year are automatically enrolled as members. Below you will find some of the services and benefits you retain as alumni of Malone University!

Deb Robinson
Director of Alumni & Parent Relations

Alumni Benefits

  • Alumni are welcome to use the Wellness Center. You may sign up at the Center for a one-time processing fee of $25.
  • Alumni are welcome to use the Cattell Library for free during business hours (see more information in the Library section below).
  • Free use of Alumni Career Services and access to our online Career Development & Job Search resources.
  • 20% discount at the Malone Bookstore during Homecoming Weekend
  • Insurance Discount: Some insurance providers offer a discount if you belong to an alumni association. We will send a letter of confirmation for you.
  • Group rate tickets when attending Malone Alumni and Friends trips to sporting events, concerts, museums, zoos and other attractions. Have an event idea? Let us know!

Alumni News

(Emails and Magazines you should expect to see if we have a current email and mailing address for you)

  • The monthly “Malone Moment” e-newsletter with news about Malone including guest speakers, Worldview Forums, clubs and athletic teams. Also includes news about campus changes, alumni events and travel opportunities. Sign up for the e-newsletter from the Malone Alumni page!
  • The award winning Malone Magazine is published three times annually. To make sure you receive the Malone Magazine, make sure we have your correct address information here!
  • We want to hear news about you! Send us your wedding and baby announcements or news about your career and graduate studies. Be sure to send Pictures! These will be shared with your fellow alumni in the magazine and online at

Alumni Events

  • Come back for Homecoming Weekend on October 19 & 20, 2012 and every year!
  • Watch your mailbox for the 3rd Annual Malone Mix coming in May, 2012 in the Hoover Dining Commons. Connect with other young alumni by speed networking, door prizes such as VIP passes for 2 to the Fawcett Stadium press box during a home game, area business gift cards, gift certificates to the Malone Bookstore, and more.

Updating your Contact Information with the Alumni Office

  • Please stop by our office near the fountain in the Johnson Center for your free MU Alumni window decal and mug and to fill out an Exit Survey. These surveys help us know what teams/groups/activities you participated in. If you cannot come by in person, the form will be sent you by email. We will keep you posted about news and reunions for each group you note.
  • WE want to keep in touch with YOU and we want YOU to keep in touch with US! You can update your contact information online here.

Download the free Malone U Alumni App!

  • The alumni association provides this free app which gives you humorous real world tips on everything from engagement rings, insurance, loans, taxes, business dress and etiquette to retirement plans and keeps you up-to-date with all things Malone.
  • You can download MU Cribsheet by searching for “Malone University” in your preferred app store or by visiting

Helping Malone Grow

  • U.S.News and World Report Best Colleges and other publications look at the alumni giving % to determine their rankings. A “Best Colleges” listing helps Malone with student recruitment and with receiving grants and funds from foundations.
  • Each year, we ask alumni to support The Malone Fund. As our newest graduates, we realize that your funds may be limited. A gift of just $10, $5 or even $1 allows us to put you in the “donor” category and increases our % of alumni participation.
  • We will ask for your support at different times of the year each time offering a different thank you gift such as a t-shirt, mug, pen or book. We will be most grateful if you participate with a gift of any size at least once annually. Thank you!

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Information Technologies Transition Info

Here are some of the cleanup items you may want to complete as well as information about how long you will retain access to which services.

How long will I be able to sign into my account?

While your email account will remain active in perpetuity, access to Malone Xpress and other on-campus resources (print balance, signing in to lab computers with your student account, H drive storage) will cease 4-6 months after the end of your last semester. Before this happens, there are a few things you may want to do:

  • Download an “unofficial transcript” from Xpress: You can download an “unofficial” transcript from Malone Xpress after your final grades have been posted. Official transcripts can always be requested at any time from the Office of the Registrar using the information found here.
  • Retrieve contents of your H drive using remote access: Instructions for accessing your H drive remotely are located in FAQ140.

More information on your alumni email account

  • How long will my email address stay active?
    As long as it is being actively checked
    (at least once every six months), your email account will remain active. If your account becomes inactive and you would like to reactivate it or if you need assistance with accessing your email account, you can contact the IT Help Desk at 330.471.8428.
  • Your alumni email account is accessed exactly the same way your existing account it accessed from the MX badge on the home page for directly at .
  • If you would like to forward your email to another address, you can follow the procedure listed here. Remember that even if you choose to forward your email, you will still lose access to the account if you do not log in at least once every six months.

Purchase software & hardware using your student discount!

University students are eligible for significant discounts on software. While you are still a student, you may want to take advantage of these discounts:

  • Adobe Products such as Photoshop, Creative Suite, Illustrator, etc. can be purchased with a student discount from You will need to create an account using your email address.
  • Microsoft Office can be purchased from at a significant discount.
  • Links and additional information for software and hardware discounts are located in FAQ96.

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Library Resources

As a new alumnus or alumna, you retain access to many of the library resources you had when you were a student. The role of the library is changing everyday with new and exciting innovations. You can stop at the circulation desk after graduation to register for your alumni card.

We now have LibGuides, or Library Guides, accessible from the new library homepage. They include information on a variety of subjects as well as on library resources including patron specific topics.

Also, please go toMalone University Library on Facebook and LIKE us. There you will be apprised of new additions to the library as well as events the library sponsors throughout the semester.

The library staff will always be there to assist you. Feel free to contact us by phone at 330.471.8317, e-mail or via online chat on the library web page, if you have any questions or concerns.

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Long Distance Codes and Departmental Bill Back for Long Distance

Dear Faculty & Staff:

On Tuesday, October 25 after 5pm, we will be converting the way in which we bill back for long distance calling. You will notice two major changes in how you enter your long distance code.

Your code will change

The new system requires that we use 4 digits instead of 3. You will use the same code as you used before except that you will add a leading zero to it.

Example: If your code was previously ‘123,’ then your new code will be ‘0123’

The prompt will change

If you have made a long distance call before, you will know that the prompt says, “Please enter your account code followed by pound.” This will no longer be the case. When you need to enter a long distance code, you will now hear two beeps in quick succession. The onscreen display of your phone will say “Enter Authorization Code.” When you hear the beeps, you will enter your four-digit code and then press the ‘#’ (pound) key.

Explanation: Why are we making this change?

Our current Long Distance provider is no longer supporting the system which prompts us for our account codes at a reasonable long distance per minute rate. We have been able to negotiate a better rate from another carrier however their systems cannot support the same long distance code prompting.

By in-sourcing this service, we are preventing our long distance bills from roughly doubling for the same amount of minutes. We can also leverage bulk minute purchase rates from multiple carriers to ensure that our costs stay low in the future.

Departments being billed back for long-distance minutes will not see any change in the method in which this is completed.

Please contact the IT Help Desk if you have any questions or issues. We can be reached via email at helpdesk AT , via the web at or by phone at 330.471.8428.

Phish & Spam and various other foul tasting email

Hello Malone Students, Faculty, & Staff:

The campus email services continue to be pummeled by spam and phishing attempts.  Roughly 80% of incoming email the campus receives is spam and gets filtered out before it even hits your inbox.

Over the lifetime of the current spam filter, 80% or 8,960,740 of 11,349,620 messages are spam

Inevitably some of this canned-meat goodness does make it through. Here is what to do when it does.

What is Spam?

Spam is a general term meant to refer to unwanted junk email. Innocuous spam comes in the form of advertisements, links to catalogs or web sites.

What is Phishing?

Blatently copied from Wikipedia on 29 Sept 2011: Phishing is a way of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. This is similar to Fishing, where the fisherman puts a bait at the hook, thus, pretending to be a genuine food for fish. But the hook inside it takes the complete fish out of the lake. Communications purporting to be from popular social web sites, auction sites, online payment processors or IT administrators are commonly used to lure the unsuspecting public. Phishing is typically carried out by e-mail spoofing or instant messaging,[1] and it often directs users to enter details at a fake website whose look and feel are almost identical to the legitimate one. Phishing is an example of social engineering techniques used to deceive users,[2] and exploits the poor usability of current web security technologies.[3] Attempts to deal with the growing number of reported phishing incidents include legislation, user training, public awareness, and technical security measures.

A phishing technique was described in detail in 1987, and the first recorded use of the term “phishing” was made in 1996. The term is a variant of fishing,[4] probably influenced by phreaking,[5] [6] and alludes to “baits” used in hopes that the potential victim will “bite” by clicking a malicious link or opening a malicious attachment, in which case their financial information and passwords may then be stolen.

A couple recent examples of Phishing attempts:

From this morning (29 September 2011):

-----Original message----- 
 From: "" <> 
 To: redacted 
 Sent: Thu, Sep 29, 2011 03:54:59 GMT+00:00 
 Subject: Re: FW: End of Aug. Statement Reqiured 

 Good day, 
 as reqeusted I give you inovices issued to you per sept. 
 Download Invoice<> 


And another from a  last week:

From: Western Union transfer is available for withdrawl []
Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2011 4:41 AM
To: <redacted>
Subject: Western Union transfer is available for withdrawl

Dear customer.

The amount of money transfer: 5130 USD.
Money is available to withdrawl.

You may find the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) and receiver's details on Western Union website (click on the link below):


Western Union.
Customer Service.

You can tell that the above are phishing attempts in a couple ways:

  1. You were very likely not expecting an email regarding an end of month statement or a Western Union money transfer
  2. In the former, it is from a bogus email address (this is not always the case but in this example it is).
  3. The source for the download does not match the sender or even a well-known source. The second email is tricky. It mixes legitimate links in with not-legitimate ones. You would have been infected or dup’ed when you tried to download the  “MCTN.pdf” file. The link was legitimate.
  4. There are obvious spelling and or grammatical errors (The former has them, the latter does not).

Tips for sending messages so your recipients to not think your message is spam:

  1. If you attach a document, make sure you tell them that you are attaching the document and perhaps offer a brief description of the contents.
  2. If sending links, stick to well-known web sites or clarify if the sites are not.

What do I do?

  • If you can tell it is spam or a phishing attempt, you can discard the message. Do not click any of the links.
  • If you are getting a lot of Spam, let the IT Help Desk know
  • If you are not sure whether an email message is legitimate, you can contact the help desk or even forward it to helpdesk AT malone DOT edu.


Classroom Technology Updates for Summer 2011 and VHS’ demise

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff:

While many of you are concentrating on the end of the semester, the Info Tech and Media Services Offices are turning our attention to summer project planning. There are two BIG classroom things with which we need your feedback and assistance.

Summer 2011 Classroom Prototype

Since November 2010, MH103 has been serving as a prototype for our summer 2011 classroom upgrades. Here is the configuration:

  • Bulbless data projector (it is LED/Laser Hybrid Technology). We installed these last year on the third floor Mitchell classrooms. So far so good.
  • Black Crestron control panel in the front of the room. This year’s panel is missing the volume knob. This has instead been replaced with an Vol+ and Vol- button on the panel (for a number of programming reasons that are not so important for this discussion).
  • In-Ceiling Speakers providing uniform audio throughout the room or Front -mounted speakers (in rooms which already have them and are sufficient quality – MH103 already had a nice set of front-mounted speakers).
  • Composite Video and Stereo audio input. This was used in the past for DVD/VCR’s in each room. We will not be installing DVD/VCR’s in the rooms (more on that below)
  • Computer video and audio for connection of room computer (screen resolution is 1024×768 or 1280×720 depending on whether widescreen is used in the room).
  • NEW FEATURE: An AppleTV which allows laptops with iTunes or iOS devices or Airplay enabled applications to push audio and video wirelessly to the projectors. This third source is labeled “ATV” on the control panel.

The room configuration is similar to previous years except for the volume knob and the new wireless video source. We encourage you to take some time and check it out. The room is open (read: not scheduled for classes) on Monday-Wednesday-Friday after 1pm and Tuesday-Thuersday after 2:30. Call Adam or Micah to arrange a meeting/overview/training session.

Finally: If you check out the room, let us know! Give us any positive or negative feedback. Send an email to Adam or Micah or the helpdesk with your comments.

The Demise of VHS in the Malone Classroom

We sent out this message last fall about “the Future Demise of VHS Support in the Malone Classroom“. In it we announced that VHS/DVD players would no longer be supported in the classroom. That future is fast approaching. Make sure you upgrade or convert your media away from VHS if you want to use it in the classroom Fall 2011. If you do not make the cutoff or have a need to use a VHS player, we will sign a VCR out to you that you can take to your classroom.

DVDs will continue to play using the computer which is located in each room.

VHS: The “How” of converting to another medium

If you have content that you utilize in the classroom on VHS, you have several options. Media Services will partner with you in transitioning content away from VHS.

  • Option One: Repurchase your media in DVD or downloadable/online format. This will ensure the highest quality replacement of your media and remove any questions of copyright.
  • Option Two: Find alternative sources for same/similar information. There is a wealth of information available on the Internet both in free or paid forms. Of particular interest are items which carry a Creative Commons license. See Dr. Tucker’s link to “100 Video Sites Every Educator Should Bookmark
  • Option Three: If the same or updated media is not available for purchase, Media Services will work with you to transfer your old VHS tape to a different format. Care must be taken that this is acceptable under copyright act of 1976 section 108, the original would be designated as an archive copy and proper labeling of the duplicate would need to be done (copyright notification and attribution of the copyright holder). Copyright “fair use” in education has its own special sorts of rules as vaguely covered under section 107 of the copyright act of 1976. See the link for more information about fair use in education.

Additional Information for Copyright:

This topic deserves a post all of its own (and look for one in the future). There is an excellent resource located here for acceptable usage of copyrighted works in Education provided by the American Distance Education Consortium (ADEC). You may also want to reference the article that Kris Owens shared with faculty back in June about copyrighted e-reserves or the article that Jesse Ayers shared with the faculty from the New York Times regarding students changing concepts of intellectual property.

Emergency Scheduled Outage planned for Tuesday March 22 from 4am-7am

Dear Students, Faculty, & Staff:

There will be an emergency network outage window scheduled for Tuesday morning (March 22nd) from 4am-7am to bring the primary core network switch back online. Many services, including Internet access and inter-building connectivity, will be unavailable during the window.

Since last Tuesday, March 15th, we have been running on only the backup core network switch (this is due to hardware failure, replacement parts are arriving on Monday the 21). Having both the primary and secondary core switches online for registration will help ensure a smooth registration period. Completing this work will help ensure connectivity for students as fall registration windows open up starting Thursday, March 24th.

Please contact the IT Help Desk if you have any questions or issues. We can be reached via email at helpdesk AT malone DOT edu , via the web at or by phone at 330.471.8428. Follow us on Twitter at @maloneit for the latest updates and to receive up-to-the-minute updates regarding IT services.

Thank you all for your patience as we work to maintain reliable services to the Malone community.

More information on standard outage windows and IT support hours can be found here.

Upcoming Brownbag lunch training scheduled

Dear Faculty and Staff:

This semester the Help Desk will be offering a few different training opportunities starting Wednesday, February 23rd .

Pack your lunch and carry it over to the library in CL -24 for the following training sessions:

Each session will last one hour be in a computer lab setting and we will be viewing training videos created by

If you cannot attend these meetings, but you are interested in the training topics, please contact the Help Desk about checking out a license to view training.

We’re on Twitter!