William Keith

Phone Scam Calling Malone Numbers

We have received reports that there is a phone scam currently cold calling Malone Numbers. The scammer is posing as a Microsoft representative and is claiming that your network is unsecure and will need you to provide information to access your computer.


I wanted to remind you not to give this information to unknown callers, and to not give out your username or password. We will NEVER  ask you for your password.


If you are receiving a call to work on your computer, and you are unsure of the legitimacy of the caller please contact the Help Desk (330.471.8428) immediately to verify with us.

Setting up a Voicemail Greeting for the Holidays

With the approach of Christmas/New Year’s break I wanted to take a moment to remind you that you have the ability to set up a special greeting to inform your callers of your extended absence.

FAQ 18 contains instructions of how to create an Alternate Greeting that you can set to play the duration of your absence from office.

Are you already departed from campus for the break, NO SWEAT! FAQ 19 tells you how you can check your voicemail from off campus, and then you can use the contents of FAQ 18 to set your greeting up!

If you do not know the differences in the types of greetings FAQ 259 has explanations of them all!


Please direct any questions or comments to the Help Desk if you require any assistance or have any questions. We can be reached via the phone (330.471.8428) or email (helpdesk@malone.edu).


Have a Merry Christmas, and  Happy New Year!

Media Services Final’s Week!

Our normal hours are located in FAQ 130, but starting finals week the Media Services Desk is closed for the season. The Media Desk will resume its normal business hours on January 12, 2015.


Any Media or equipment reservation requests during break will need to be submitted to the Help Desk with a minimum 24 hours of notice.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Help Desk (330.471.8428 or helpdesk@malone.edu).


Help Desk and Media Services Hours Thanksgiving!

Our normal hours are located in FAQ 130 but our hours for next week, the week of Thanksgiving, 11/24-11/28 are:

The Help Desk will be:

  • open 8 am -12 pm Wednesday November 26th
  • closed 11/27-11/28

The Media Services Desk will be:

  • closed 11/26-11/28

If you have any Media requests, it is important to submit them by Monday November 24th at 5 pm, so they can be processed the next business day.

Both Desks will resume the hours highlighted in FAQ 130 on December 1st.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the Help Desk (330.471.8428 or helpdesk@malone.edu).

Personal Printer in your room? Please read this!

Many desktop printers come with built-in wifi that allows you to connect your devices and send print jobs wirelessly. What you may not know is that these printers can and will cause you and your neighbors trouble when you are trying to connect to the Internet in the residence halls!


What should you do?

If you own one of these printers, turn off the wifi! There’s usually a button that enables or disables the wifi right on the front panel. Same goes if you have a router or are using your phone as an Internet “hot spot.” Turn it off!


You might also take a look at the available wifi networks on your laptop or smartphone. If you see a network other than “Malone” or “Malone-Guest” then it is most definitely slowing down yours or someone else’s Internet connection in your area. Encourage your friends to turn off the interfering device!


How does it work?

All wifi connections are transmitted in a certain frequency range. There are a limited number of these ranges available. Because you are in a big building full of wireless users (you and your fellow students), Malone uses ALL of the frequency to provide you the best possible Internet connections when you use your laptops, desktops, and smart devices. When a device, like a wireless printer, is added to this mix and sets itself up as a separate wifi network, it “steps on” the same frequencies that we are using to provide connectivity to the Internet.


Think about a guy sitting at a stop light texting on his phone. The light is green but he doesn’t see it, so everyone behind him has to wait. Maybe you have enough room to pull around him but it takes you longer to get through the intersection because he is blocking you. That is what your printer is doing to your and your peers’ Internet connection when you have a wifi printer’s wifi turned on!



Thank you for helping us to provide you with the best possible Internet browsing experience on campus. Let us know if you have questions or issues with what we’ve written above!



Please contact the IT Help Desk if you have any questions or issues. We can be reached via email at helpdesk@malone.edu , via the web at http://www.malone.edu/helpdesk or by phone at 330.471.8428.

Update Weekend Reminder

This is a brief reminder that we have an update window coming up this weekend. This is typically done the Friday evening following the second Tuesday of every month.


In order to receive these vital updates users will need to keep their computers turned on when they leave the office on Friday. Laptop users will need to leave their computers on campus, hardwired to the Malone network, and with the Wi-Fi antenna turned off if they want to receive updates. In addition to leaving the computer turned on, laptop users will need to leave the clam shell open. Users with questions on how to make sure their computer is properly connected or left in the correct state may contact the Help Desk (330.471.8428 or helpdesk@malone.edu) and we can go over the process with you. Remember to lock your machine instead of shutting it down when you leave today.


If you do need to take your device home for work purposes that is fine. Go for it! We will try to catch and patch machines that were missed the following Monday. If you are unable to have your computer ready for one of the update windows, you will need to contact the Help Desk and arrange a time to receive the update manually.


For more information on Update Friday check out the following blog post: Update Friday.


If you have any questions or concerns please direct them to the Help Desk (330.471.8428 or helpdesk@malone.edu).

Important Apple Information

Today Apple announced they are making their new Operating System OSX 10.10 Yosemite available to all Mac Users later today. Please refrain from updating to OSX Yosemite. While we are not aware of any technical difficulties, we have not had an opportunity to test OSX Yosemite on any Malone computers. We ask that you do not upgrade at this moment in time to allow Apple to work out any initial bugs with Yosemite.


Please direct any questions, comments, or concerns to the Malone Help Desk (330.471.8428 or helpdesk@malone.edu).

Media Services Fall Break Hours

Due to Fall Break Media Services Hours will be different this week. Thursday Oct 16th and Friday Oct 17th the Media Services desk will be closed. We ask that all Media requests be submitted on Tuesday Oct 14th by 5 pm so they may be processed Wednesday morning. If you have a last minute Media request after Wednesday you may contact the Help Desk. Once a technician is available, the request will be processed.

Media Services is located in the bottom of Cattell Library, it is not to be confused with the Help Desk. Malone IT Help Desk (Haviland Hall) will maintain the normal business hours as publicized on our Web page.


Please direct any questions or concerns to the Help Desk via phone (330.471.8428) or email (helpdesk@malone.edu).

A brief message about the previous update window

Over our update window this past weekend, we have patched a new PDF viewing program to all Windows computers called Foxit Reader. We plan to make Foxit the default PDF program across campus on all Windows computers in the coming months.


Adobe Acrobat will remain offices/computers were it is needed such as:


·         Advancement

·         Admissions

·         Business Office

·         Financial Aid

·         Administrative Assistants computers

New Extended Support Hours for Information Technologies

In our mission to better server our Students, Faculty, and Staff we have extended the Help Desk’s phone hours an extra hour from last year. Monday-Thursday the Help Desk can be reached via the phone 8 am- 7pm and Fridays 8 am- 5pm. Please see below for a full break down of support hours for Malone IT.

The Information Technologies Help Desk in Haviland Hall is open…

  • In person, via telephone, and on the web from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday except during community worship, Wednesdays 10 am-11 am.
  • To better service our students and faculty taking part in evening classes, we have extended telephone hours from 5-7pm Monday through Thursday.
  • 24/7 “emergency” service is available via telephone. Listen to the prompts that will connect you to one of our cellular phones if there is an afterhours technology emergency. If the call goes to voice mail be sure to leave a message that includes your name, contact number, and nature of the emergency and we will return your call as soon as we can.

During Community Worship…

  • Calls to 330.471.8428 will ring directly to voice mail
  • Emails to helpdesk@malone.edu will be answered in the order they are received when the desks reopen.
  •  You can check the status of any open, closed, or pending tickets online at http://malone.edu/helpdesk using your Malone username and password to sign in; even during community worship.

The Media Services Desk in Cattell Library is open for equipment check out from…

  • 8am-10am Monday through Friday.
  • If you cannot make it to the window when it is open, you can make a reservation for equipment or services via email with 24hours of notice. Send equipment requests to helpdesk@malone.edu  All gear will be assembled and ready for pick up from the library circulation desk. You must have a Malone ID or Driver’s license to prove identity when picking up equipment.
  • Equipment drop off can also be done at the library circulation desk

Please see the attached PDF with hours of coverage that has been attached to this email for your convenience.

IT Revised hours

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