Kari Wittmer

Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you ever get tired of grabbing your mouse to click on the bold icon? or want to know how to cut and pastethat section of text just with the keyboard?  How about this, have you ever wondered if there is a way to open anew document without going to the file tab? There is a keyboard shortcut for each of these and many more.

Below is a short list of frequently used keyboard shortcuts. There are many more that can be found here:Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft 

Microsoft Office basics


To do this Press
Copy the selected text or object. CTRL+C
Cut the selected text or object. CTRL+X
Paste text or an object. CTRL+V
Undo an action. CTRL+Z
Redo or repeat an action. CTRL+Y
Make letters bold. CTRL+B
Make letters italic. CTRL+I
Make letters underline. CTRL+U
Decrease font size one value. CTRL+SHIFT+<
Increase font size one value. CTRL+SHIFT+>
Move to the previous option or option group. SHIFT+Tab
Move to the next option or option group. Tab
Switch to the next tab in a dialog box. CTRL+Tab
Move to the beginning of the entry. HOME
Move to the end of the entry. END
Create a nonbreaking space. CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR
Create a nonbreaking hyphen. CTRL+SHIFT+HYPHEN
Switch to the next window. ALT+Tab
Switch to the previous window. ALT+SHIFT+Tab
Close the active window. CTRL+W or CTRL+F4
Restore the size of the active window after you maximize it. ALT+F5
Create a new document. CTRL+N
Open a document. CTRL+O
Close a document. CTRL+W
Split the document window. ALT+CTRL+S
Remove the document window split. ALT+SHIFT+C or ALT+CTRL+S
Save a document. CTRL+S


Printing Posters or Large Pages

This Tech Tip answers a question that has been asked many times, “What are my options for printing posters or pages larger than the standard letter and legal pages?” Find out the answer HERE.

Malone Wallpaper

Malone Wallpaper and Templates

Want to give your audience a Malone experience in your next presentation?  We have Malone-ified Word and PowerPoint templates, and Wallpaper for your computer desktop, available to download in Malone Xpress.

Here is where to go to get them:

  • Sign in to Malone Xpress
  • Select the Information Technologies tab
  • Under Things to Download, click on the file that you would like to use


Setting up Secure Passwords

We invite you to take a quick moment to review the following Tech Tip on the Password Policy for setting up secure passwords.

Strong passwords are the front line protection for all user accounts at Malone.  A poorly chosen password may result in the compromise of Malone University’s entire network. Therefore, the Malone University community–including faculty, staff, students, contractors and vendors with network accounts and/or any form of access that supports or requires a password for any system within Malone’s network–is responsible for taking the appropriate steps as outlined HERE to select and secure their passwords.

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