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Hello Faculty and Staff:

The IT department has a lot of things happening right now. Please bear with me as I attempt to summarize.

What is in this message

  • Google email migrations have begun
  • A change to how we do Windows patching
  • NSF grants and research assistance
  • May training is coming
  • InCommon and EDUROAM – why should you care
  • Changes to Internet connections.

Google email migrations have begun

As some of you already know, we have begun migrating faculty and staff accounts to Google Apps email. Many faculty in the Johnson Center have already been migrated to Google. You will have received the emails from IT staff about the faculty, staff, and community distribution groups changing, too. This is all part of the process and I appreciate everyone’s engagement in the process so far.  Our intention is to migrate all faculty first and then make a second pass to migrate staff accounts.

A change to how we do Windows patching

We have sent a few emails out already about this. We have changed the manner in which we patch our computers running Microsoft Windows. We identified an issue with how we have been maintaining Windows OS. Several machines on campus were not getting the patches and updates that they required so we are now having machines automatically download Windows updates in the background. To aid this process, we ask that you log out of your computers at night or – if it is a laptop – restart your computers if it prompts you that there are updates available. The next couple weeks might have extra interruptions as those machines that are very out of date catch up. Please call the IT Help Desk if you have questions.

NSF grants and research assistance

If you are considering applying for assistance and course load release to complete research under the NSF grant, this is a reminder that applications are due on May 15th. Requirements for the application can be found here. Please email me or Jason Courter if you have any questions.

May training is coming

We will be announcing our schedule and sign ups for May training very soon! We encourage faculty and staff to sign up for May training sessions or take advantage of self-paced training on to improve your skills and abilities. You can browse Lynda’s full library and then contact the Help Desk to “check out” an account for two weeks. There are a limited number of accounts available. This year’s May training will take place:

  • Week 1: May 9-13 will be led by the Distance Learning Office
  • Week 2: May 16-20
  • Week 3: May 23-27

InCommon and EDUROAM – why you should care!

A big part of the grant that Malone received from the NSF is breaking down the barriers to collaborative research. In that vein and as part of the NSF grant, Malone will become both an EDUROAM and InCommon peer institution. Both of these initiatives are driven by the Internet2 consortium.

EDUROAM: Global WiFi Roaming for Academia. EDUROAM is a wireless network name (SSID is the technical term) that is shared amongst all the participating institutions. Once you are connected to an EDUROAM network, you are wirelessly connected to ALL EDUROAM networks. This means that if you go to another campus with EDUROAM, your device(s) will automatically be connected to the Internet there. This is an international initiative. You can view a list of peered schools here. Many institutions in the state of Ohio are becoming EDUROAM peers. We will eventually eliminate the “Malone” SSID and only keep “EDUROAM” and “Malone-Guest.” This change will take place sometime this summer.

InCommon. InCommon is a similar initiative but, instead of Wifi, it is for services. Once we are set up, you will be able to utilize your username and password to sign into any resource that is InCommon enabled. A list of services that are available via InCommon are located here.

Changes to Internet connections

Malone University is now connected to Internet2 as part of the National Science Foundation grant. We are also modifying our Internet connection so that additional bandwidth is available to campus through new agreements with our Internet service providers taking our current subscribed bandwidth from 320 Mbps up to 900 Mbps. These modifications will be completed this summer.

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