Changes to HP printers and click rate changes on campus

Hello Staff and Faculty:

This is a quick note letting you know that the way you order toner for HP printers (not Ricohs – you can continue to order those through the MT web portal or by calling the number on the sticker located on the front of the printer or copier) has changed.

In one sentence: You will no longer need to order toner for HP laser printers. 

We have set up automation with MT so that the printer will “phone home” to MT when it is nearly empty. The departmental contact for that printer will automatically be shipped a replacement toner without any intervention on the part of the department.

We will be placing a sticker on any units that auto-order their own toner over the next couple weeks.

Updates to per click rates

We will also be updating the per page rates for all of the printers on campus. The cost to maintain a unit is calculated based upon both the cost of the toner and the cost to maintain a unit in good working order. The latter changes as devices age. We have analyzed our printer fleet age and utilization and will be switching several printers out for new lower cost units over the summer.

Remember that your best value/price to print is to send a job to a copier. The rate for large copiers on campus is 2.5¢ ($.025) per page for a black and white print. The lowest cost color page costs are 5.8¢ ($.058) per page. The most expensive prints will come from smaller desktop units. The cheapest print is one that you don’t print at all! Full screen preview mode in Word and PDF viewers are really nice for previewing documents.

Please send a note or call if you have any questions about printing and copying on campus. We can provide custom reports to budget officers and administrators regarding the printing in your areas on campus to help you plan and drive volume to lower cost devices.

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