Campus Cable TV and Internet Survey Results

Hello Malone Campus Residents:

Thanks to each of you who took the time to complete the “Campus Cable and Internet ‘TV’ watching” survey. We had over 10% of campus residents respond. The cable TV service continues to be big part of many of our campus residents’ lives despite the significant increase that we’ve observed in the use of streaming services like Netflix in the residence halls. That is what we wanted to find out. Thank you for your response! Be assured that we do not plan to “cut the cord” anytime soon. We may change the cord or plug it into another source, but we are not eliminating cableTV in the near future! Whatever we do, we will get your feedback about it. Several of the responses that we received were from students concerned that we had already planned to disconnect the service.


a graph showing the self-reported hours per day of streaming services by Malone University campus residents

Here are some factoids we extracted from your responses:

  • While 40% of you would prefer to watch a show when it first airs, your busy schedules make it such that only 25% of you usually get to watch it when it is first broadcast.
  • 59% of you say that television watching is usually done socially while 40% report that you usually watch TV by yourselves.
  • 75% of you report watching, on average, less than an hour of broadcast TV per day while 45% of you report watching more than an hour per day of on-demand streaming content.
  • What you watch varies greatly from person to person. The top two channels of broadcast television were ABC and ABC Family at 62% and 50% respectively.
  • A whopping four out of five of you (78%) utilize Netflix.

On the Internet Front:

  • 61% of you are satisfied with the amount of Internet bandwidth we provide on campus.
  • 74% say that your Malone Internet connection is as fast or faster than your Internet connection at home.
  • A large number of you reported issues with wireless connectivity in your rooms. If you also gave us your email, we have already reached out to you to troubleshoot the issue. If you are having connectivity issues in your room, PLEASE contact us and let us know. You can also check your list of available wi-fi networks to see if there are other networks or printers showing up in that list. If you see anything other than “Malone” or “Malone-Guest” those networks are likely causing some or all of the trouble you are experiencing. If you can find the owner of the offending device, tell them to turn it off!
  • Another way that you can improve both your own and your neighbor’s connection to the Internet is to plug your device into the ethernet and turn off your wifi antenna if you are able to do so.
  • Remember that the ‘Malone’ network is your best wireless connection. The ‘Malone-Guest’ network is purposely throttled to 1Mbps; that means its good for checking email but terrible for streaming movies. If you have trouble connecting to the ‘Malone’ network, PLEASE CONTACT US!

Specific changes we’ve made or plan to make as a result of your responses:

  • Several of the comments indicated that the wifi in Blossom is poor. Firstly, thank you for specifying the building in which you are experiencing the trouble. In retrospect, we should have asked you to specify. So thanks to those of you who did! We are making adjustments to the wireless in Blossom over winter break to attempt to improve your coverage. We also plan to perform a major overhaul of the wireless in that building this coming summer.
  • We also saw specific reports about Internet in Penn. Just a heads up that we have identified and repaired a significant issue in your building that would have especially affected residents on the South half of Penn. Please keep us posted if you continue to see issues.
More complete survey results are found in the attached PDF:

Campus Cable and Internet ‘TV’ watching survey – Google Forms RESULTS for publish

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