Update Weekend Reminder

This is a brief reminder that we have an update window coming up this weekend. This is typically done the Friday evening following the second Tuesday of every month.


In order to receive these vital updates users will need to keep their computers turned on when they leave the office on Friday. Laptop users will need to leave their computers on campus, hardwired to the Malone network, and with the Wi-Fi antenna turned off if they want to receive updates. In addition to leaving the computer turned on, laptop users will need to leave the clam shell open. Users with questions on how to make sure their computer is properly connected or left in the correct state may contact the Help Desk (330.471.8428 or helpdesk@malone.edu) and we can go over the process with you. Remember to lock your machine instead of shutting it down when you leave today.


If you do need to take your device home for work purposes that is fine. Go for it! We will try to catch and patch machines that were missed the following Monday. If you are unable to have your computer ready for one of the update windows, you will need to contact the Help Desk and arrange a time to receive the update manually.


For more information on Update Friday check out the following blog post: Update Friday.


If you have any questions or concerns please direct them to the Help Desk (330.471.8428 or helpdesk@malone.edu).

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