Opening PDF’s on Malone University Computers

Have you ever attempted to open a PDF on one of the computers here at Malone? Many users need to access PDF’s for many reasons some users need to access PDF’s to complete a homework assignment. Others may need to open a PDF to complete a vital job task. As more and more of you use the computers here at Malone to view PDF’s you may be encountering an error that may look similar to this:

This is something that has been occurring more and more while using Adobe X and Windows 7 on public machines. Adobe has changed the way their program behaves and how it interacts with users in an environment such as ours. Adobe has made the action of initially opening the program equivalent to ‘accepting’ the End User Agreement. They require every user to do this action before using their program to view PDFs. Users that have not done this will either receive the above error, or the PDF simply will not open. After opening the program for the first time, users will not be prompted with that error, because they have essentially ‘agreed’ to Adobe’s terms. PDF’s will then open as they are supposed to by simply clicking on them. This ‘accept’ of the terms is tied only to the computer you are using at that moment in time. If you have to use a different computer you will need to ‘Agree’ to the terms again by opening the Adobe Acrobat X program.

This is a problem on the public machines because they are constantly used by many different users. In order to keep the computers functioning at a reasonable speed it is necessary to delete profiles that may have been on a computer but not used for a while. When the profiles are deleted, the next time a user signs in Adobe will not remember they ‘accepted’ their terms and yield the error again. So when you attempt to use a public machine it is a best practice to open Adobe Acrobat X before attempting to open any PDF’s. Users that have a Malone issued machine should not have to worry about this problem because that machine is being used on a daily basis, and does not run the risk of having any profiles deleted.

Unfortunately this problem is currently out of our hands, it is not a bug we need to wait for a fix to be created.  Adobe has designed their program to function this way, this is their desired result. Adobe has indicated this is how they would like to handle their programs moving forward, and they do not appear to be fixing this anytime soon. They do not view this as a problem and want to keep Adobe Acrobat X the way it is.

What Malone IT is doing to fix this problem

The good news is Malone Information Technologies Technical Support Specialists are currently testing an alternate PDF program to replace Adobe Acrobat. The new program that replaces Adobe should have much of the same functionality Adobe offers, but without the negatives Adobe is currently bringing to the table. The new program (Foxit PDF Editor) will start appearing on select computers across campus. Any feedback will be important to the decision process, so any problems or praises you have should be brought to the attention of the Help Desk.

Please direct any questions, comments, or concerns to Malone Information Technologies Help Desk. We can be reached via the phone (330.471.8428) or email ( 8 am – 6pm Monday through Thursday and 8 am – 5 pm on Fridays. The Help Desk’s walk-in office hours are 8 am- 5 pm Monday through Friday.

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