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The Tech Tip this week highlights best practices to protect yourself from being a victim of a Cyber-attack. This Tech Tip is something you can implement to both your Malone account and personal accounts. Today we will see around 250,000 new computer viruses and 30,000 new infected websites every day (see TED video below). The threat of cyber-attack is a real one and below are some steps you can take to protect yourself.

Best Practices to be protected from Cyber-attack:

  • Make secure passwords (minimum of 15 characters) consisting of letters, numbers, and symbols. Use a phrase or song lyric that is easy to remember. Long is better than complicated.
  • Make passwords different for each service you access, e.g., do not make your banking password the same as your Facebook log in or your Email log in.
  • Do not click on links in emails from people you do not know or from messages that you are not expecting from people that you know.
    • Be suspicious of any email addresses asking for personal information, e.g., the date of your birth.
      • Never ever give your password to anyone, the Malone University Help Desk will never ask you for your password. If you give out your password change it IMMEDIATLEY.
      • Any messages your Malone account receives that could be SPAM should be forwarded to the Help Desk (
    • If you put your mouse over a link in an email before you click it, you can see the web address. Make sure it does not look/sound/smell phishy.
  • Be careful which websites you visit.
    • Malone’s Web Filter blocks websites that are known sources of Malware. Please take caution if you bypass the filter when you think the website is safe.
    • Avoid clicking on any pop ups from websites

There is a large amount of information which you can use to protect yourself; a couple of places you could start are…

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