Tech Tip Library Barcode

You are able to find your library barcode on your student id, but some students do not have an ID card. The barcode is useful when accessing library resources, online databases, book reservations, etc. while off campus.

1) Go to and log into the Online Learning page

2) In the left corner of the screen you should see “Academics” and “Services”, please click “Services”.

3) On the left side of your browser window you will see a box that says “Online Services”, please click on “Library Services”

4) Your internet browser should go to the “Library Services” page and in the middle of the screen in red lettering you should see your library barcode.

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  • Peggy Sluss says:

    Students and faculty/staff need to be reminded that they do need to have their Malone ID with them to gain access at the Malone Library door after 10 p.m. and all day Sunday. The doors are locked for security purposes at these times–only current Malone students, faculty and staff can access the library door by swiping their ID cards.

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