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Hello Faculty and Staff of Malone University:

This Friday’s tech tip is something anyone using our campus (Cisco) phones should have on their utility belt. Today I am going to explain how to do a phone-based person search using the Corporate Directory.


Step 1: Push the “Directories” button on your phone

Step 1

Step 2: . Once in the Directories menu, press five (sometimes it is option six) on the keypad, or the blue arrow keys can be used to scroll down the list until you reach “Corporate Directory” and hit the “Select”.

Step 2

Step 3: Search for the person you would like to call. Using any combination of name and number a search can be preformed in our system.  Lets say we wanted to find Becky Albertson. We would enter “B” in the first name field and  “A” in the last name field. We could also enter someone’s number into the “Number” field and do a reverse search.

(e.g. B A, for Becky Albertson)

Step 3

Step 4:  your search may return more than one person. Select the person you are trying to contact using the  blue arrow keys, and select the “Dial” option, or remove the phone from the hook to call them.

Step 4

Congratulations you have just completed your first call via searching the Corporate Directory. On a side note only those members that have a phone with a personal extension can be reached. Those without a personal phone extension (like some of our adjunct staff) cannot be searched for in the directory.

The “Directories” function can be used to determine any “Missed”, “Received”, or “Placed” calls. The “Personal Directory” is not configured on our system.

If you have any questions about this or other technology issues, give us a call at Help Desk 330.471.8428, e-mail us at, or find us on the web at

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