Media Services Update

Hello Students, Faculty and Staff:

It has been a very busy fall semester in the Media Services and Converged Media Area of the Cattell Library (that is in the lower level if you don’t know where I am talking about). Read more below about the following:

  • Map of the space
  • “Scantron” bubblesheet scanners have moved (but just across the hall)
  • More info on the Media Services / Help Desk Split
  • Television Studio use
  • Scheduling the Video Editing & Recording Suites
  • Story Development Center sees increased use
  • Cell Phone Extenders have been installed
  • Updates to CL49 Classroom
  • Media Conversion Services
  • CL24 Windows Computer lab
  • CL46 Apple Computer Lab


color coded map of the lower level of Everett Cattell Library

Each of the spaces we talk about in this entry are color coded on the map.

“Scantron” bubblesheet scanners have moved (but just across the hall) GREEN

Faculty and staff who utilize bubblesheets to grade student tests should know that the scanners have moved across the hall to CL34. These used to be located in CL47 but you had two separate light switches and some steps to climb.

More info on the Media Services / Help Desk Split DARK PURPLE

As was announced in September, the Information Technologies Help Desk is now located in Haviland Hall (residence hall near the track and physical plant (Strand) Building). Media Services equipment check out, media conversion services, craft paper, lamination, etc. is still being handled from the library in CL25. You should still call the IT Help Desk at 330.471.8428 for most requests. You can also open up requests directly through the web-based Help Desk system at or email us at but, if you have a question that Media Services can answer directly, please call us at 330.471.8429 (one number higher than the IT Help Desk).

What equipment is available for checkout?

Visit FAQ77 for an exhaustive list of gear available for checkout. There is a very high demand for camcorders during the semester. To ensure equipment availability, make a reservation by calling us (330.471.8429) or email us.

Help Wanted

We are still only partially staffed and are looking for student workers. If you are or you know of a student who is looking for a Federal Work Study position or has hours left on your contract, please stop by and talk to us.

Media Services Desk Hours

The desk is staffed by students Monday through Thursday  from 8am – 10am and from 3pm to 5pm Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. As we mentioned earlier, it is not staffed the entire day so if there is no one at the desk, please follow the signs and instructions posted to obtain assistance.

Television Studio use AQUA

The television studio and other rooms are schedule-able via calendar. The athletics department is recording its weekly football preview show which is streamed and hosted on every Monday. A two-person interview set is always set up and ready for use. Lighting is provided. BYOCM (bring your own camera and mics) or reserve and check them out from the Media Services desk.  As we continue to configure the space, other preset vignettes will be added. If you are interested in using the studio for recording, please contact us to make arrangements. The current schedule is shown below:

Scheduling the Video Editing & Recording Suites BROWN

There are three video editing suites and one audio recording suite available for individual reservation. Stop by and we will give you the tour. The spaces can be scheduled ahead of time by students in their Malone calendars (when creating a calendar item, select “resources” on the right).

Story Development Center sees increased use YELLOW

The Story Development room is a Communication Arts space configured primarily for student usage (see picture at right). This is schedule-able through Kerrie Evans in the Comm. Arts department office 330.471.8201.

Cell Phone Extenders have been installed UNMARKED

One of the frustrations of learning and teaching in the lower level was that there was little or no cellphone coverage. That is no longer the case. The Information Technologies Department has installed cellphone booster/repeaters in both the West and East ends of the library lower level. There is now [almost] complete cellphone coverage throughout the space. Special thanks to IT networking staff (Jim and Shawn) and special thanks to Physical Plant staff (Kris, Jon, & others) for providing power.

Updates to CL49 Classroom over fall break RED

We had mentioned this in an earlier helpdesk blog post. The CL49 classroom now has a cinema-class high definition data/video projector and surround sound system that was installed over fall break. The room will still be usable as a normal classroom but will now have extra features available for film/movie screenings. The chalkboards have been moved to the North wall (adjoining the hallway) and a larger screen is center-mounted on the East wall. Keep this room in mind if you are scheduling movie showings for a course or activity. Contact the registrar’s office to reserve.

Media Conversion Services DARK PURPLE

Media Services will continue to offer media conversion services to faculty, staff, and students. Please verify that the work you want us to convert is unencumbered by copyright or will be used in a legal fashion under the guidelines of the TEACH act and copyright fair use.

CL24 Windows Computer Lab BLUE-GRAY

This is old news to many of you. The CL24 computer lab was updated last summer so that the computers are on the perimeter of the room. The room is a scheduled classroom. Contact the registrar’s office to reserve.

CL46 Apple Computer Lab LIGHT PURPLE

Over fall break, the computers in CL46 received a memory (RAM) upgrade from 2GB to 8GB. They also receive updated Operating Systems and Applications.

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