Classroom Information for Fall 2012

This entry is meant to be an exhaustive information update regarding classrooms for Malone’s campus for Fall 2012. Please browse to the section that is relevant to you.

Technical staff will once again be visiting faculty in their classrooms during the first Monday (Aug 27) and Tuesday (Aug 28) of classes. A separate message will be sent to faculty and staff with details about which tech will be in which buildings.

Upgraded Classrooms for Fall 2012

The following classrooms have been or are being upgraded for fall 2012:

  • DH1
  • DH2
  • DH3
  • DH4
  • FH65 (Hoover Room)
  • CL49*

DH1-4 and FH65

All of these classrooms will be receiving the new LED-based projectors, 10-button control systems, wireless video streaming via Airplay, and will be set up for wide-screen display.


CL49 has not yet been upgraded but the plan is to configure the room with the screen centered in the room (previously the screen in the room was set up in the corner) and be optimized for High Definition (blu-ray included) and surround sound movie playback. Keep this in mind if you are planning any movie watching activities or have classes which are heavily oriented towards film in future semesters. The room capacity is 60. This room will also have wireless video streaming via Airplay and will be widescreen. The room will remain a generally schedule-able classroom and the projection will still operate similarly to other classrooms.

We hope to complete this upgrade over fall break or earlier.

All Classroom Information

For an exhaustive list of classrooms and how they are equipped, please visit FAQ111. This FAQ includes video overviews of each classroom type.

Information for Adjuncts, New Faculty, and Those Who will be Teaching in an Unfamiliar Classroom

We encourage you to visit your classroom prior to the beginning of classes. You can do this on your own OR you can make an appointment with Media Services staff to show you how to operate the classroom technology. To make an appointment contact the Help Desk at 330.471.8428 or emailing from your Malone email address.

Please note that there are video overviews of each classroom type located at the bottom of FAQ111.

Classroom Technology Best Practices

The following “best practices” were copied from FAQ136:

  • Make sure that you are in the classroom early enough to get all the equipment up and running that will be used for that day
  • Always have a back up plan in case the equipment is not working correctly
  • If there is an issue with the equipment, TELL US! Or let your administrative assistant know so that he or she can tell us.
  • If you are using a new technology, say wireless video streaming or classroom polling, be sure to practice ahead of time. Make arrangements with Media Services staff to jump start your understanding of the tech and its impact upon learning and content delivery!
  • When you are finished with your class or intend to take a break for 15 minutes or longer, please go through the proper shutdown procedure for the projector/multimedia system. For classrooms with integrated multimedia controls, instruction sheets have been posted. Please note: when proper shutdown procedure is not followed, the equipment can become unresponsive, requiring a trip to the classroom by Media Services staff to do a physical “hard reset” to get it working again, which causes delays/disruptions for the next class.
  • If you make any changes to the room’s equipment (i.e. Hooking up a laptop or external video camera) please restore all equipment to its original “normal functioning state” when you are finished.
  • Please do not leave projectors on when not in use and refrain from personal entertainment/non-university-related use of the projectors. Please note: replacement lamps for projectors cost between $200-$400 each, which makes them an expensive resource to be stewarded properly.

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