Set up your Question and Answer Pairs on or before Tuesday, February 7

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Beginning after hours on Tuesday February 7, all faculty, staff, and students must have four question and answer pairs set up in the Malone password management system. If you have not already done so, you will need to set up your four question and answer pairs in our password management system before you will be able to sign in to any online services including:

  • Malone Xpress
  • Online Learning
  • others…

Many of you have already done this back in the fall. This change will not impact you if your question and answers are already set up.

Proceed to to check or set up your question and answer pairs.

We encourage anyone who is not sure that they have already set up their question and answer pairs to go to the web site above and do this prior to the cut off date. This is especially important for those of you who teach in the classroom and online. Make sure you aren’t caught having to set these up at the beginning of a class you are teaching.

How do I know this isn’t a phishing email and you aren’t just trying to get my password?

It is a good question to ask before clicking a link sent to you in email. There are several ways to check whether a link in an email is legitimate. In this case, you can 1) float your mouse over the link and make sure that the address that appears matches the address listed. Pay special attention to the part of the link immediately preceding the .com or .edu part of the address, for example: is good but is not good. You could also copy and paste the address into your web browser or manually type it in, making sure that you are visiting the place you want to visit.

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