What are RSS Feeds?

After David Dixon, Faculty Advisor for the Malone Student Newspaper– The Aviso, sent out an e-mail regarding a new edition of the paper being released online, many faculty and staff members were left wondering what he was talking about when he mentioned an RSS feed to The Aviso.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feeds are an easy way to subscribe to news stories that meet your own preferences/likes.  To subscribe to an RSS feed you will need an application like Microsoft Outlook, Google Reader, or Mac Mail that will retrieve RSS Feeds.

If you find a feed you like simply copy the link of the feed and enter it into the “subscribe” field of your application.

To subscribe to The Aviso from Microsoft Outlook:

  1. Right click on the RSS Feed option under your inbox
  2. Click add a new RSS Feed
  3. Enter the RSS Feed Link you would like to subscribe to http://theaviso.org/feed/ (I found this link on the Aviso page under Entries RSS)
  4. A folder for the Aviso will be added an you should see new stories when they are added to that folder

For more information on how to use Google Reader you can view this presentation that was given by Andrew Hodgson, Technology Support Specialist at Malone University.

If you have further questions the Help Desk can be reached via email at helpdesk@malone.edu , via the web at http://www.malone.edu/helpdesk or by phone at 330.471.8428.

4 Responses to What are RSS Feeds?

  • Adam says:

    Is there any irony to the fact that I read this post using rss in google reader? An rss aggregator such as google reader or outlook rss feeds is an excellent way to check online sources that you like or have grown to trust, for new content. Subscribing to a series of feeds is akin to creating a personal newspaper built just for you.

    If you decide to use google reader, you can follow me at my personal address at Adam.Klemann at gmail dot com. Following and being followed (with permission of course) is the added bonus of a service like reader, you can follow other people and when they like or share a piece of content, it will let you know. You can use your follows as a filtering agent for other content that you might not be reading every day.

  • David Gramlich says:


  • Adam, Do the RSS feeds add to our limit of space allowed in outlook? I would imagine this would take up a lot of space. Am I correct? I’m running on very little open space as it is but would like to subscribe to the Aviso RSS feed.

  • David Gramlich says:

    Yes, RSS feeds will count against your storage limit for your e-mail account. If storage is an issue for you can sign up for Google Reader at reader.google.com. You can create a new Google account for free. Sometime in the near future all faculty and staff at Malone University will have Google Apps accounts that will allow them access to Google Reader.

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