Phishing Email sent to all Students, Staff, & Faculty

In the past week, nearly all email accounts, including email accounts, received a “phishing” (click here for phishing explanation) email similar to the one below:

Uark.Edu. Technology Helpdesk writes:

Dear User
Your email account has been confirmed to have been infected with a strong internet virus and the way your account is used to send numerous spam mails recently from a foreign IP. As a result, the support team has come to an understanding that one or more of our subscribers are Introducing a very strong virus into our system and it is affecting our network. We are trying to find out the specific person, For this reason all subscribers are to provide their received advice to suspend your account. However, you might not be the one promoting this Spam or strong virus, as your email account might have been compromised. To protect your
account from sending spam mails and also the virus,you are to confirm your true ownership of this account by providing your original user ID (*******) and Password (*******) as a reply to this message. On receipt of the requested information, the “” web email technology team shall block your account from Spam and virus.

Failure to do this will violate the email terms & conditions. This will render your account inactive.

NOTE: You will be sent a password reset message in 6hours after undergoing this process for security reasons. Be informed that this is a recent virus and its strong and also slow down Network.

Thanks for using,
Uark.Edu. Technology Helpdesk., NC 27244

NEVER, EVER give anyone your password. This is a trick to get you to give them your password. There are several clues in this message:

  • It doesn’t say it is from the Malone University Help Desk – It says
  • The Malone University Help Desk WILL NEVER EVER ASK FOR YOUR PASSWORD.
  • The grammar is hideous. (Not saying ours is always pristine)

If you ever receive a message like this and are not sure it is legitimate, you can call us at 330.471.8428 and ask. If you know by the clues enclosed in the message that it is NOT legit, promptly discard it or forward it to and then discard it.

Please contact the IT Help Desk if you have any questions or issues. We can be reached via email at , via the web at or by phone at 330.471.8428.

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